Who am I and what am I doing?

I’m Lydia Spry – a newly qualified holistic massage therapist (MTI) with a lot of thoughts and ideas – and a newly discovered desire to write!  I work at various clinics in Bristol and also run a practice from my home.

I am a successful, well-educated young(ish) woman with a wonderful partner, fantastically supportive family and lovely home with wonderful plans for the future.  But, I also experience severe anxiety, depression and panic attacks which can be completely debilitating.

So – where could I mull over all the ideas, thoughts and issues that come up during massage?  Or think about the ideas I come across in my reading about massage and how / why it works?  And where to share my new learnings about anxiety and depression – about mindfulness, meditation and yoga?

In a blog of course…

This one will be a bit personal, a bit political, a bit evidence based and a bit of ‘this just feels true and right to me’.  You might like it, you might not – whichever way you feel – let me know – it would be great to hear from you…

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