Here's some answers to general questions about my practice. If you can't find the answer that you need, please do send me an email by clicking here and I'll get back to you as soon as I am able to.

What sort of massage do you do?

I offer holistic and pregnancy massage. Holistic massage is about the whole person – mind, body and soul. You and I bring together our expertise – you are the expert on your body and I am the expert on the techniques we can use. Through an initial consultation we combine this information to create the best massage possible for you, today. You may not really know what you want, or need – but together we can work it out.

Techniques we might then choose to use include:

• Deep tissue massage
• Mobilisations (passive movement of joints)
• Swedish style massage
• Lymph drainage techniques
• Light relaxing massage
• Skin massage
• Or any combination of these…

You can receive massage at any stage of pregnancy. We just adapt the tools and techniques listed above to ensure that you and your baby are safe and comfortable.

What are the benefits of holistic massage?

Potential benefits of massage include:

• Relief from muscular pain
• Relief from headaches
• Improved posture
• Increased mobility and flexibility
• Reduced anxiety and stress – which can in turn:
– Boost the immune system
– Reduce the symptoms of IBS
– Aid sleep

How much does it cost?

My prices are:

• £60 for a 1hr massage
• £90 for a 90minute massage


Do you sell vouchers for massage?

Absolutely! You can buy vouchers for a specific massage (£55 for 1hr or £75 for an hour and a half) or in increments of £10.
I have lovely printed cards which I can post out to you  (or them) first class, or I can email you a PDF to print out yourself  The information on how they can then contact me to book the massage is all on the voucher. 

All vouchers are valid for 1 year from date of purchase. 

Where can I get a massage?

I work from My Chiropractor in Monmouth. For more information on how to find it, please go to my contacts page. However, if you cannot come to the studio but would like me to come to you, please call and I will try to arrange a home visit.

What can I expect from a massage with you?

The first time we meet we will chat for about 10 minutes at the beginning of the session. I may take some notes at this point for future reference. This chat is important as it allows:

• You to get to know me and start to trust me
• You to express what you need and what you want
• Me to get to know you and what your experience of living in your body is like (how you use it, where/if it hurts and any medical issues).
• Us to agree what the treatment session will be like today.

I will then leave the room for you to get undressed as much as you are comfortable with and get onto the massage table, covering yourself with a drape. When I come back we will do approximately 45minutes of massage. At the end of the massage I will leave you to get dressed whilst I get you a glass of water. Lastly we will have a quick follow up chat about ideas you might find useful to bring more comfort in your daily life.

If you re-book we will not re-do the full consultation at each visit. We will simply check in at the beginning of each one to see how you are doing, what worked last time and what you need today.

What if I make a booking and need to cancel it?

Sometimes it just isn’t possible to make it to a massage you have booked. I understand this, but also hope you understand that any cancellation with less than 24hrs notice will likely be charged at the full rate.

Will I need to take my clothes off?

During our chat at the beginning of the massage we will establish which areas we will be working on. If this is your legs or upper back I may suggest removing clothing so that I can massage the areas with oil. If we agree that you will remove clothing I will always leave the room while you are dressing or un-dressing. In addition there is a sheet which I will use and move carefully to cover you during the treatment. However, if you are uncomfortable about removing clothing, we can complete a massage fully clothed. Please just ensure you are wearing loose, comfy clothes (for example leggings or tracksuit and t-shirt) and we can work through that.

I’ve booked a massage but I’m not feeling well. Should I still come to my appointment?

Please call if you have already booked a massage and you have a cold/flu, have taken strong painkillers or have any medical condition which means you aren’t sure whether you can receive massage. We can then talk through a few options for what is best for you.

I’m not sure whether I can have massage because of a medical condition I have…

Please just call me and we can discuss the best options for you. Most people can receive massage, whatever issues they have – it may just mean we have to do particularly gentle massage or avoid specific areas.

Do you offer any discounts?

I offer some discounted massages to those experiencing difficult times. If you feel that this is you please do give me a call and we can discuss a price.

How does massage work?

Well, that is a massive question – one which I discuss in some of my blogs  but to put it simply…

Because it helps you relax.

We all know about the issues around ‘stress’.  How much it causes people to be off sick, how you aren’t yourself when you’re stressed, how that guy who worked so hard died aged 50 from a heart attack due to stress.   We know that stress has physiological effects on the body and the mind.  We know stress causes increased blood pressure, lowered immune systems, sleep issues, headaches, IBS, muscle pain where people hold tension and a whole host of other issues.  So – how best to do the opposite?  Just relax…  And massage helps people do that.  

In addition, massage moves tissue, skin and muscles around and brings blood to them.  This blood brings oxygen and nutrients to aid healing and removes unwanted substances (it’s what blood does anyway).  So – if you have a particular injury or issue – massage can also aid individual areas in getting better.