New Year – New You?

New Year!  New You?

New Body?  New Mind?


(pause for breath and…)




How about instead we say things like:

  • Learn about who I really am
  • Learn about what really drives ME and makes me happy
  • Learn to love and accept myself as I am

Because then you can learn then to love and accept others as they are…And the love and acceptance will flow through you and them to others in a virtuous cascade

But how can you learn about yourself?

By pausing.  By giving yourself time to check in with yourself (what on earth does that mean?) – it means saying to yourself ‘how are you right now?’ and then actually LISTENING to the answer…

Lots of us can’t do that by ourselves.  We struggle to give ourselves time (the washing needs done, I have to finish that bit of work, the kids need my help, I’m thinking about something else).

So – let me help you give yourself that time.

Come and have a massage.  Lie on the table, feel supported and then just bring your awareness to your body as it feels what is happening.  Notice that tension here and that bit of lightness there… Notice yourself… Notice what you need…

See you soon

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