Oh my days!


You had a lovely weekend.  You spent time with people you love, you had fun.  And then you go back to work.  That’s ok – it’s a job you like – you catch up on the emails, find out how everyone else was over the weekend, get a little bit worried about how much you have to do this week and head home – maybe via the gym because you’re full of energy and hope.


Ahhh… Tuesday…. The day of no motivation.  The day of ‘well yeah, I put a lot of effort into Monday already’.  The day you know you’ll have a worry on Thursday that another week has passed without enough work being done and yet… and yet… You just can’t quite muster it… You can’t find the song sheet that will get you through.  You just feel shit.   You know some things might make you feel better… maybe yoga or talking to a friend… valid options…  but they will be thoroughly ignored because they won’t really make you feel better.  Nothing can.


The ‘hump’ day – the one where you are getting more into the swing of the week – you have done some things but you’ve got more to do.  But you also think you deserve a little treat maybe because you’re starting to feel quite tired.


And you haven’t done nearly enough of the things you said you’d do and frankly you haven’t got time to write this and you always do this and you’ve left it too late and it’s


A morning of panic and activity followed by ‘well, no one else is doing any work now’ I think I’ll just take it easy.  Can’t achieve much before Monday – plus I need to think about that dinner I’m cooking on Saturday – I’ve got to plan the shopping…

And it’s over – another week with all it’s ups and downs.  It’s sadness, panics, laziness and energy – but it’s important to remember – the feelings come and the feelings go and then they come again.  When you’re happy it’s easy to remember that you will (at some point) be sad again.  The thing that’s harder to get into your head but it is vital to remember is that when you are sad you will (at some point) be happy again!